Deputy: Tweet leads to gunfire

BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) -Baldwin County Sheriff’s investigators said a tweet led to gunfire in Bay Minette.

No one was injured, but a man, who says he was just protecting his family, was arrested.

Someone related to a man named Harry Lambert Jr., allegedly making some rude comments about a friend’s grandmother on Twitter.

According to investigators, the friend was upset by the comments, and drove with his sister to Lambert’s house.

Deputies said once they got there, an argument started.

Lambert gave me his version of what happened.

“The guy was already in front of my wife in an aggressive manner, coming at her and hollering at her, in a way that I felt like was not only threatening my family, and not only her, but my youngest step-daughter,” Harry Lambert told FOX10.

Deputies said Lambert then came out of his home telling the man to leave, but he refused.

That’s when Lambert used his semi-automatic pistol to scare the man off his property.

“I had fired the two warning shots, and I told him that he needed to get in his car and he needed to leave, and as soon as I had done that, he had actually came at my wife, with his fists balled up, and that’s when I told him that if he did not leave, I was going to shoot his tire out,” he said.

Investigators say Lambert fired shots into the air, and then he shot into the man’s car, which was occupied by the man’s young sister.

Lambert said he wouldn’t have shot at the car, if he had known someone was inside it, but he said the window tint was so dark, darker than this, that he couldn’t tell if anyone was in the vehicle.

“It was so black, it was like limo tint, I couldn’t see anybody in the car, and I was standing about five or six feet from the car, I don’t know how you could tell anybody else was in the car,” he said.

Lambert was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

Sheriff’s investigators said they take this charge very seriously, as a young girl could have been seriously injured, or killed.

“We take very seriously someone shooting into a residence or a vehicle, where innocent persons are sitting. This juvenile was sitting in the car, and from all accounts, was minding her own business, and could have very well have been injured or killed,” Steve Arthur with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office told FOX10.

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