Crash victim’s death sparks conversation about road safety

The death of a 27-year-old is sparking conversation about whether or not a Mobile County road is safe enough for drivers.

Alabama State Troopers say Kellie Kollins was killed Sunday, June 1st after she collided with a truck. It happened at the intersection of Firetower and Howells Ferry roads. A busy intersection with hills and curves leading up to only one stop sign.

“I’ve lived out here about 20 years and this intersection has been a bad spot for wrecks,” said Mack Mcinnis.

Several drivers said people are speeding around curves, some are not paying enough attention and one man said a advertising sign blocks the view of drivers at the stop sign.

Mack Mcinnis thinks a caution light would make the roads safer.

“At night this place here is so dark coming through here. If you don’t know the road people just go on straight. mMst accidents have been when people come straight across,” said Mcinnis.

FOX10 News asked Alabama State Troopers for more details about the accident, like which way was Kollins driving when she collided with the truck? The only details investigators will release right now is she was not wearing a seat belt and the driver of the truck suffered non life threatening injuries.

Sgt. Steve Jarrett says more information will be released when the crash report is submitted.

The county commissioner of that district is Connie Hudson. FOX10 News asked if she would consider adding safety measures to the street. She says she is going to have the Mobile County engineering department see if there is anything it can do to make the road safer.

We will keep you posted on this developing story.

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