Dog found dead, wrapped in locked cage in Eslava Creek

FOX10 News is digging deeper to find out more about a dead dog found in a cage – in the water in Eslava Creek, Sunday, June 1. It was found off West Bucker Road in Mobile.

On Saturday, Kathy King called the FOX10 newsroom to alert the station to an alarming find along her walking route.

“We came walking by here and I saw an animal cage in the water and then I noticed it was locked and said, ‘that can’t be right,’” she said.

Kathy said she grabbed a branch and tried to move the cage.

“I noticed it was really heavy and hard to pull out,” she said.

That is when she saw what was inside.

“I pulled it out far enough to notice that there was a dog in there. That upset me a lot,” she said.

Kathy owns two dogs herself – Dottie and Charley – and says her heart dropped at what she saw. She said the dog’s paws appeared to be tied up with rags.

She reached out for help, first calling the Dead Dog Removal branch of the City Animal Shelter. She said they directed her call to the Coast Guard, since the cage was in the water. After no answer from the USCG, and another call to the Mobile Police Department, she felt she was getting the run-around.

“I called [FOX] 10, your station,” she said. “I got somebody right away…I was so glad because it was so upsetting.”

FOX10 News made some calls to the City to find out who would take care of the situation. No one could give us a sure answer. FOX10 News went back to the scene Sunday and no dog, or cage, was in site.

“It was gone except for that black plastic that was draped over there that’s the only thing left,” said Kathy.

FOX10 News discovered Mobile 311 – the City’s non-emergency line – was notified of the problem.

“It’s just so upsetting and inhumane that someone would even attempt something like that,” said Kathy.

FOX10 News will be following up with the police this week and if officers suspect animal cruelty played a part in the dog’s death. Some such cases in Alabama can result in felony charges – thanks to a FOX10 News initiative last year, and to all our viewers who signed the petition, to toughen penalties for abusers.

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