Charter boat captain on opening day: “There’s too many Red Snapper out there”

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – Sunday, June 1, was the day recreational fishermen have been waiting for all year – the opening day to Red Snapper Season – and charter boat captains say it was a successful day of fishing to say the least.

“It was an easy day of fishing; there’s way too many Red Snapper out there, we’ve got to go thin the heard out, and nine days isn’t going to get it,” said Charter Boat Owner and Captain, Dale Woodruff.

Sunday’s sporting was the first of the shortest Red Snapper Season in history, only nine days. This, after a lawsuit by commercial fishermen who complained recreational anglers were going over their quotas over the last several years.

But, Sunday, charter boat captains told FOX10 there were tons of Red Snapper in the Gulf. So many, that it made the fishing almost too easy.

Tom Ard, Owner and Captain of the Fairwater II Charters out of Zeke’s Landing in Orange Beach, said the shortened season doesn’t make any sense.

“We’ve got over 17,000 reefs off the coast of Alabama, and we’ve got a nine day season to catch the most prolific fish on the reefs, red snapper, so I mean it’s really kind of a joke, I mean it really is, it’s that easy to catch them, and a nine day season is an absolute joke,” said Ard.


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