Coast Guard rescues man in Pensacola Bay


Friday shortly after 12 p.m., a U.S. Coast Guard crew rescued a man wearing a life jacket in waters between Naval Air Station Pensacola and Fort Pickens.

Coast Guard Sector Mobile reports they were notified a person traveling on a 65-foot yacht fell off the vessel while attempting to un-foul the prop.

“A Coast Guard Station Pensacola 45-foot Response Boat — Medium boat crew located the man with assistance from crew members ashore who maintained visual contact of the man,” said Lt.j.g. Bradley Parker.  “He was then taken back to the Coast Guard station where emergency medical services reported he had no medical concerns.”

“The situation could have easily turned out much worse if he had not been wearing a life jacket,” said Cmdr. Eric King, Sector Mobile. “We cannot overstate the importance of having proper safety equipment, especially, life jackets. Given the heavy rains and strong winds at the time, the life jacket probably saved his life.”

The Coast Guard recommends anyone on a boat to wear a life jacket at all times. In addition to saving lives, Coast Guard officials say it also helps rescue crews to find them in the water by increasing the visibility of the person who fell overboard.

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