Vigil held on 2-year anniversary of Brittney Wood’s disappearance

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – On the 2-year anniversary of the disappearance of young mother Brittney Wood, folks gathered Friday night, May 30, in Daphne, to keep the hope alive for finding her body.

A candlelight vigil was held at the Carmike jubilee movie theatre in Daphne to honor the lives of missing children across the Gulf Coast, including Brittney.

The Klaas Kids Foundation, along with the Disaster & Victim Services, two organizations involved with the search for Brittney Wood, also encouraged folks to light a candle for Brittney’s young daughter Payton, to encourage her, and let her know hope is not lost for finding her mother.

Brittney’s father, Wallace Hanke, told FOX10 his daughter has been missing for much too long, and he wants answers in his daughters case.

“It’s just been way too long, it’s been too long,” he said, “Two years is way too long to not know where your daughter is, where her body is, what happened to her, what exactly happened to her.”

Today, officials told FOX10 they are getting more leads to finding Brittney’s body.

“The police department released today that they had taken in a vehicle that they had seized a couple of months ago that they’re running tests over,” said Brad Dennis with KlaasKids, “I think what that means is that the investigation is still extremely active, that the authorities are still looking into every possible angle.”

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