Residents react to police raid in Mobile

We have a follow up on a story we first told you about on Fox Ten news Thursday.

Reaction is coming in to a raid by Mobile Police on what they call a “drug nuisance.”

Officers said they found the synthetic poison known as “spice” and cocaine at a home at 1256 Partridge, off Michigan Avenue.

Fox 10 News was on scene when Mobile Police raided, made an eviction, and boarded up the home.


The SWAT team entered the neighborhood with guns drawn and in formation.

Police forced entry into a home in the 1200 block of Partridge.

Police said the resident, Carolyn James, was selling cocaine and marijuana, and in possession of spice.

Police Chief James Barber said, “This house has been on radar for years, but, it’s really come to close scrutiny, because of the back to back warrants, and, I will tell you, a lot of the information we’re receiving come from the area residents who live in this type of neighborhood.”


Thursday afternoon, I talked to residents who live in the neighborhood.

No one we talked to wanted to appear on camera, but they did offer their thoughts on the raid.

One lady said, “It was nice they did it, because it keeps the crime down, the drugs, and a lot of bad people in the area.”

One man, when asked if he was happy police made the raid, said, “Yes. They need to take it on off the street. Bad, because its killing people.”


I also asked residents what they thought about the use of spice.

Another man said, “I agree with you. It’s a problem. They nipped it in the bud, hopefully.”

The first lady we talked to said, “Glad they’re getting a hold on it, because a lot of people, they’re getting sick on it, and its too much, too much going around. You’ve got kids getting a hold to it.”


The home has now been boarded up.

Police said the owner, Edward James, lives next door and was given a legal notice he will soon be facing a lawsuit for allowing illegal activity to continue.

Police will go before a judge next Wednesday to present evidence the house is a drug nuisance.

If an agreement isn’t reached with the homeowner, the house could be sold, and awarded to the police department or the City of Mobile.

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