Power Companies Prepare For Hurricane Season

Power Company Hurricane Preps

We are down to the wire as hurricane season begins this Sunday. Are you prepared? Local power companies are and hope you are too. Over the years power companies have become increasingly good at getting the lights and AC back on after a disaster.

Before a storm, crews from around the country will stage nearby and prepare. Karen Moore with Baldwin EMC told us cooperation benefits everybody.

“We in turn have gone and helped those cooperatives in other states and we like to do that because when we make that call on our behalf they are eager to come and help us,” Moore said.

But even with that kind of preparation you still are on your own in the immediate aftermath of a storm.

“We do encourage our members to take care of themselves and prepare in advance so the first day or two they can manage and get through the storm,” Moore told us.

Prepare in Advance

Beth Thomas at Alabama Power said preparation is essential.

“You should know where the closest evacuation area is you should know where the closest shelter is. All those types of things, now is the time to make a plan for all of that,” Thomas said.\

If Your Power Goes Out…

If your power does go out first report it. Then turn off all of your appliances for safety. Stay well away from any downed power lines and if you crank up a generator keep it outside and well away from any windows.

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