Brittney Wood Detectives: wait on forensics results, sources “close to case” talking

Lead investigators working on missing mother Brittney Wood’s case say they are waiting for forensics results on possible evidence found in a vehicle.

Detectives are not revealing who the vehicle belonged to. Only saying they found the vehicle a few months ago, took samples and sent possible evidence to a forensics lab.

Officer Jeff Corley is one of the investigators in Mobile working on the case.

“Ultimately I believe she was murdered. But we are going to have to eventually find her body or have someone come forward as a witness to that,” said Corely.

Corely said people “very close to the case” are cooperating with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. He won’t reveal who, but says the interviews are producing leads they are following up on.

“We have a lot of information coming from different sources,” said Corley.

Two years ago the family was searching for Brittney by searching the woods, putting up flyers and talking to the media. They were determined to find her. Now Stephanie Hanke believes her step-daughter is dead.

” I’m starting to believe this was pre-meditated.I want to believe she is somewhere out there alive but with everything going on… even law enforcement doesn’t believe that,” said Hanke.

Reporter: “What is keeping you up at night?”
Hanke: “Not knowing. Still waiting for answers”

Detectives say they sent possible evidence to a foresenics lab a few months ago and it will be another couple of months before they get the results.

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