Spice suspect gets $1 million bond

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) A man accused of trafficking spice, and allegedly acting as a partner in crime with another spice suspect, was granted $1 million dollar bond.

Mobile Police believe Harb Jarad is connected to Tamer Foqahaa. Foqahaa is suspected of stashing more than $1 million dollars worth of spice in two west Mobile storage units. He was arrested May 9th.

“It sounds like guilt by association at this point,” said Harb’s defense attorney Jeff Deen.

Deen said his client is from Palestine and has lived in Mobile for 4-5 years. He said Harb rents a booth and works at the flea market on the weekends. According to Deen, Harb has three children and previously lived in Tennessee where he has picked up an assault charge. Deen confirms Harb is not a U.S citizen.

Witnesses testified Harb has family in Palestine and occasionally sends money there to help a “poor” brother.

Deen questioned whether the detectives had enough evidence to arrest his client in court, Thursday May 29th. After asking, at least twice, what evidence police had to arrest his client, the detective said those details will come out in the preliminary hearing and would only say he acted as a “partner” with Foqahaa.

Judge George Hardesty stepped in and told the detective to answer the question because it may factor into the bond amount.

The detective said police had “reliable information” including surveillance video and the pass code to the storage units was found in Harb’s cell phone.

“It’s obviously a problem in our community. And people who are involved in it deeply should be arrested and punished. Just don’t throw out a net and wrap up everybody,” said Deen.

Harb’s preliminary hearing is set for July 10th. That is when more details about the alleged crime will be made public.

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