MPD: New spice arrest linked to Foqahaa

Mobile police continue the crackdown on spice, a drug that police say has reached epidemic portions on the gulf coast in recent months.

Police said a man arrested Tuesday is linked to an earlier arrest of a major suspected trafficker of the drug.

The largest bust of Spice, synthetic poison by Mobile Police earlier this month has led to a new arrest.

44 year old Harb Jarad was booked into Metro Jail around 11 o’clock Tuesday night. He’s charged with trafficking illegal drugs.

Police believe Jarad is connected to Tamer Foqahaa who was arrested May 9th on the same charge.

“Investigators believed when when we made the initial arrest of Foqahaa in the beginning of May that he was probably not acting alone so this is part of a very undercover investigation. Of course I can’t go into a great many details, but through that investigation, Mr. Jarad was linked to Foqahaa,” Ashley Rains with Mobile P.D. said.

Rains said a few days after Foqahaa’s arrest police found more than 430 pounds of spice he had stashed in two public storage units.

“On the 13th we were able to get warrants on a storage unit that would contain a great amount of spice. We were able to make that seizure early on May 13th, and then later that evening we received additional information that lead us to believe that that was not the only storage unit. So we were able to find the second storage unit which actually had a little more than the first one,” Rains said.

The total street value of both seizures was more than one point three million dollars.

Police are not releasing any details on on how Jarad and Foqahaa are connected, but they said the two men were definitely working together.

And, both were being held in Metro Jail Wednesday. Foqahaa has bond set at one point five million dollars.

Jarad will appear before a judge Thursday for a bond in hearing. That hearing is set for 8:30am.

Foqahaa was supposed to have a preliminary hearing Tuesdaymorning. At his attorney’s request the hearing was rescheduled for July 10th.

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