Locals reflect on Maya Angelou’s Legacy in Mobile

As news spreads around the world about the death of legendary author and poet Maya Angelou Mobilians are reflecting on the impact she made in their lives.

In 2006 Angelou was the key-note speaker at a fundraiser for the Mobile Chapter of the Sickle Cell Disease Association. Dr. Felicia Wilson served on the organization’s board.

“What I remember the most is feeling like she and I were sitting in my living room just having a casual conversation. She was captivating. She was interesting,” said Dr. Felicia Wilson.

” I think the biggest thing I learned from her is to excel in your work. She was very knowledgable, she was very articulate she worked hard I think she was a good role model for us,” said Wilson.

Every year Maryetta Holcomb would teach ninth grade students at Mobile Christian School about the life and legacy of Maya Angelou.

“They loved it. They could not believe her life and all that she’s accomplished in spite of obstacles,” said Holcomb.

FOX10 News Reporter Michael Brannon was in Holcomb’s ninth grade class. He knew how much his teacher admired the poet. So, he wrote a letter to Angelou and asked for for an autographed picture for his teacher.

Angelou sent two pictures along with a note. It read:

“Greetings please accept this note in response to your letter regarding my work. It is a wonderful feeling to know that my work and words have touched someone. I thank you for your generous expression of appreciation. Joy, Maya Angelou.”

Holcomb framed the letters, along with the autographed picture.

“I had to put that in my classroom and every year when we got to Maya Angelou’s unit that little story was told,” said Holcomb.

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