Free summer lunches for Mobile Public School students

School children under the age of 18 in Mobile County can eat free this summer, thanks to a program started by the federal government.

Mobile County school officials joined federal government leaders Wednesday in announcing the program.


What’s big and blue, decorated with pictures of students, and serves food?

It’s the Super Food Express, a school bus turned into a mobile feeding unit.

The bus was unveiled during a celebration Wednesday at Florence Howard Elementary School.

Students changed the lyrics of the popular song, “happy” and re-named it “Healthy” to welcome the start of a summer program serving nutritious lunches for free.


Suzanne Yates, Child Nutrition Program Director for Mobile County schools, said, “We have about 75% of our students who are free and reduced, so, that actually qualifies us to serve free meals during the summer, because there’s an actual need in our community.”

The lunches will be served from the bus at different schools on different days.

Yates said, “We’re going to actually prepare the food in a kitchen, and then put all the prepared food on the bus and then go out and distribute it from there.”


The students who’s pictures are on the bus are actual Mobile Public School students depicted as various types of healthy food.

Among the students who’s picture are on the bus are third grader Hannah Ojanpera and first grader Thomas Savell.

The summer feeding program begins June 9th.

The bus will set up Monday through Thursday at different schools.

The school system will announce the locations as the date gets closer.

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