Apple’s Smart Home Platform

Imagine controlling every connected item in your house using one app on an iPhone or iPad. The Financial Times reports that Apple is planning to unveil a smart home platform that can do just that. The system will allow you to control your lights, appliances, and security systems right from your IOS device. The news is expected to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco next week. Microsoft and many other big tech companies have tried and failed to launch connected home services.

Microsoft is tackling one of the biggest problems with the Xbox One: it’s limited game storage space. Starting in June, a system update will allow support of external storage devices. Users get 500 gigabytes of hard drive. The external hard drive support would keep users from having to delete games once they max out their hard drive. Microsoft says the new feature was one of the most requested since the console’s launch.

And, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung is working on a smart watch that can make calls, send messages, and receive texts without being connected to a smart phone. Reportedly, the watch can also send email, run GPS and bluetooth. It’s basically equivalent to the Gear 2, except it won’t have a smart phone feeding it functions. The journal says the watch could be unveiled as soon as June or July.

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