Spice takedown in Mobile continues, Chief waits for legal power

It’s been three weeks since Mobile Police Chief James Barber asked the city council to help him suspend a business’ license if police believe it’s selling the illegal drug.

City Attorney Ricardo Woods explains the legal process.

“To be able to push through we have to draft an ordinance that will withstand the test in the courts and also be fair to business owners,” Woods.

Reporter: “That can be tricky.”
Woods: “Very”

Woods says his team is researching how other cities in the Southeast are using the law to help attack the problem.

Reporter: “Is there a timeline set on this? A goal of when you want this finished? I know the chief is wanting this to be done quickly.”
Woods: “We are moving as quickly as possible within the confines of the law.”

While the legal process works itself out two businesses, allegedly selling the deadly poison, are closed.

The “One Stop Shop” on Halls Mill Road was closed, Tuesday May 27th. But according to MPD, the business can remain open–even though its owner was arrested. That’s because its business license is up to date.

But that was not the case around the corner.

The “One Stop Convenience” on Holcomb Avenue was also closed. The chief says he was able to shut down the business and arrest the owner on the same day because it’s business license was expired.

Right now an expired license is the one of the only loopholes the chief has to use to his advantage until there is an ordinance on the books.

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