LG’S Laser Focused Phone

LG has unveiled a smartphone it promises will be simpler for people to use.  Simpler but smarter.

The new G3 phone stands out in having a high-resolution display that has 538 pixels per inch.  Other leading phones are in the 300-pixel range, with a handful reaching the 400s.

The G3 also promises fast auto-focusing on its 13-megapixel camera.  It uses a laser beam to help it focus in dim light conditions and to lock onto fast-moving objects.  Users have the ability to unlock their hones not with passcodes but a pattern of taps on the screen.

Many of the innovations in the G3, however, are similar to those found in some competing smartphones.  For instance, it offers a way to protect certain content when lending a phone to other people.  Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 phone has a comparable feature.

Other innovations announced by LG included a “selfie” trigger.  The G3 lets you trigger a photograph by making a hand gesture at the phone, which triggers a short countdown before the shot is taken.

The electronics company announced the G3 in a live streaming event on Tuesday, May 27.  It was one of the top trending topics on Twitter during that broadcast.


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