Jones nomination to water board fails again

It lasted almost four hours.

The Mobile City Council meeting ended shortly before 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Much of the time was devoted to speeches from citizens and council members about Council Member Fred Richardson’s nomination of former Mayor Sam Jones to the Mobile Area Water and Sewer Board.

Then, the council voted.


About half a dozen people spoke on behalf of Sam Jones as a former mayor and nominee to the water board.

Then, Richardson re-emphasized why he was again nominating Jones to the board.

Richardson said, “Whenever they bring their appointment to me, I’m supportive. I wouldn’t care if they had a blind dog. If you want to bring him down here and put him on, I’m voting for him. If that’s what you think is the best person you can find in your district, that’s all gone.”

He also said the division over Sam Jones showed there was no “One Mobile.”

Richardson said, “‘One Mobile’ is not what you say, ‘One Mobile’ is what you do. It’s more than what you say. You could train a parrot to say ‘One Mobile.”


Then, Council Member Bess Rich and other council members spoke.

Rich said, “The legal way is for Council Member Richardson or any council member to have an automatic appointment with the use of their signature would require an amendment to the Zoghby bill. I don’t want to overstate this, but, my views haven’t changed since two weeks ago.”


At one point, Council President Gina Gregory stopped the proceedings, asking a person speaking out loud from his seat to leave.

Then, came time to vote.

The vote was four to three against, so, the appointment failed again.


Afterwards, I asked Richardson, what now?

He said, “The statement that I made that it was ‘Sam Jones yesterday, Sam Jones today, Sam Jones tomorrow.”

When asked if he was going to continue to bring Jones name up, Richardson said, “Yes. I’m not going to allow anyone to elect for me who to nominate and appoint to the MAWSS board or to any other board.”

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