90 days to repair Daphne’s Gator Alley

IMG_1175 DP

Daphne’s Public Works Director estimates it could be another 90 to 100 days until the city’s “Gator Alley” can be fully reopened.

The popular boardwalk which allows residents and visitors to get a close up but safe look at the alligators in the area suffered extensive damage during the historic flooding that hit the Gulf Coast at the end of April, 2014.

Richard Johnson told FOX10 News high water ripped away the west boardwalk and took with it several of the pilings supporting the connecting boardwalk to the north.  Johnson said the damage made the attraction “structurally unsound”, forcing it to close to pedestrians and cyclists.

While the Daphne City Council authorized staff to let the project out for competitive bids, the process takes time.  Project engineers want work to the north boardwalk, including a temporary handrail to be performed first, so part of Gator Alley and the Eastern Shore Trail can reopen as soon as possible.

Johnson said it will take about 30 days to complete the public bid process, 15 days to execute the contract, and the city is required to give the contractor 10 days from Notice to Proceed.  He feels conservatively, Gator Alley is 60 days from partial reopening and 90 to 100 days from fully reopening to the public.

The city is still weighing options for a possible early partial reopening.

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