30 Teams in 30 Days: Vigor Wolves

Last year, Vigor missed out on the playoffs due to forfeits, but no doubt had one of the most athletic and talented groups on the Gulf Coast. Now, it’s a new year, and the Wolves are ready to continue their winning ways.

“Well, we want to see who our next crop of players are going to be, we have a good idea about some of our guys who have done it in the past but you never know from year to year what their mindsets are going to be so we want to test them and then see who the younger guys are … that’s he exciting thing is to see who those younger guys are going to be. Last year you wonder can they ever do it and now they’re like, yeah this guy is a player now,” said head coach Ashley Johnson.

“It’s going to be good, we’ve got a lot of young players stepping. I feel like they’re doing good, they’re bringing a lot of energy and we’re just helping them get to where we were,” said senior Cameron Cole.

“The spring is to see who is a man and who is not one. We’ve got three days of conditioning to see who is man enough to keep the 100s and gassers and when the pads come in we’ll see who the real man is then,” said defensive lineman, Montrez Lang.

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