Gulf Breeze man finds Logan Fontana’s body

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) – The search for a missing four-year-old in Pensacola Bay ended Monday afternoon. The body of Logan Fontana was recovered around 3:30 p.m.

Fontana’s body was recovered near Fort Pickens, not too far from where he fell off his grandfather’s boat Saturday afternoon.

Florida Wildlife officials changed the status of the operation from “rescue” to “recovery” Monday morning. They credit the retrieval of the body to a Gulf Breeze resident who had been aiding them in the search each day.


“We all have somewhere to be all the time, it seems, and it’s nice when people slow down, take a few minutes out of their day and help. Out there on the water, it’s even more important. The water’s a lonely place. And he slowed down, took time out of his day and he located him and thank God for that,” Lt. Doug Berryman said.


Carl Osley took time before and after he went on his daily fishing expeditions to help search for Logan. He told Fox10 News that he felt a connection with the four-year-old since they both shared a love of the sea.


“From the pictures I’ve seen on the news and on Facebook and everything of how happy the kid looked while he was on a boat. And that’s the way I’ve been all my life: happy on a boat. And that’s the way the kid looked on that boat: happy as he could be,” Osley said.


The Logan’s family was notified of the recovery earlier on Monday. No details of a memorial have been released as of Monday night.

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