Game wardens find 9-foot long gator

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Some people living along Dog River were met by a dangerous visitor recently. A large alligator has been around seen the River Landing Condominiums.

FOX10 News went along as conservation enforcement officers made an attempt to rescue the gator.

Officers Kevin Hill and his partner Bradley Simpson see this quite often.

“Two days ago we got a call from Ms. Betty…they said there was an alligator hanging around the pier right over there. That the gator would swim right up to them,” said Hill.

Officer Hill said that typically means people have been feeding the alligators…a crime that could land you a $500 fine.

“Alligators, 9 times out of 10 are going to swim away from you. They’re more scared of you than you are of them,” said Hill.

He said they searched for the alligator but could not find it. So they set up a trap to see what kind of condition it was in. Once he saw it up close Monday…

“I could get right up to it. Normally an alligator will swim away. He didn’t try. So I knew then and there we needed to go ahead and dispatch this one because all I was going to do was create more of a problem,” said Hill.

…A problem for kids swimming and playing around the water…and those around, simply wanting to enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend.

“If one of them get near an aggressive alligator, it’s going to be bad news…this is the best thing to do in all purposes to make everybody safe,” said Hill.

Officer Hill said killing the 350-pound, 9-foot long gator was the last thing game wardens like him want to do. But, now everyone is safe…and the gator will now be studied for educational purposed in Montgomery.

“This is their home, this is where they live. This is is where you’re going to see them,” said Hill.

“These two have been very aggressive coming to the pier. We’re so glad Kevin came and helped us,” said Ms. Betty Henderson. She notified the warden of the alligator.

Officer Hill said if you see an alligator, do not feed it. It will come back for more food and get used to humans. If you leave them in their natural habitat, they should not bother you.

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