Ashton Shepherd helps kick off Baybears game

Baseball is a traditional American past time and on Memorial Day people headed to Hank Aaron Stadium to spend the time with family and friends.

Local county artist Ashton Shepherd put on a show before the game debuting her new single: “This is America”.

“I’m just tired of seeing the county seem like they’re not pulling together because we are America. No matter what this is America, this is the United States. We pray together, we cry together, we can pull together and that’s what this songs about for me,” Shepherd said.

For those at the ballpark today meant a little something more.

“It’s a big honor for people to respect us and pay attributes to us so it’s enjoyable to see people still care,” said Shane Summerseol who served in the Marine Corps.

He said “seeing the flags” is always a nice reminder of those who served and his time in the marines.

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