Alleged BBQ thief calls into FOX10 Newsroom

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) On Monday, May 26, FOX10 News received a call from a woman claiming to be the person in a surveillance video, allegedly stealing a bar-b-que grill from a west Mobile home.

She said she saw herself on the news and wanted to clear her name.

The crime she, and her male accomplice committed, was all caught on tape. The victim, who did not want to be identified, told FOX10 News he credits his surveillance video for finding out when it was stolen and who stole it.

FOX10 News called the alleged thief back but was told she was on the phone with police and to call back later…after a few more attempts, no answer.

FOX10 News visited the area around Dawes Lane and Dawes Road in west Mobile. Residents say crime is nearly unheard of in that part of town.

“Lived here for nine years and the neighborhood is relatively quiet. We do have a neighborhood watch that we…the neighbors in this general area keep an eye of each other’s neighbors,” said one resident.

“I do appreciate you guys jumping on it and got the ball rolling really fast,” said the victim.

The victim told FOX10 News he reached out to the police and filed a report. FOX10 News will continue to follow this story for you.

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