30 Teams in 30 Days: Robertsdale Golden Bears

It’s been nearly a decade since Robertsdale football has seen much success. The Golden Bears have missed the playoffs for nine straight years. But spring brings a new season and beginning for R’dale.

“Well you work all off season, as soon as the season is over with you’re ready to jump into spring and you want to correct those things that didn’t do right for you in the fall and you’re excited about spring and the kids that are coming out and how well the team has progressed and everything, so we’re looking forward to it,” said head coach Brian Campbell.

“We’ve all been working hard in the weight room, we are all way stronger than we were last year and we’ll be a lot better. We do have a lot of player that left, but I think we’ll be alright,” said linebacker Ryan Hagaman.

“It’s pretty exciting to have the opportunity to play. It’s going to be pretty hard but we aren’t going to lay down, we’ll do what we can,” said running back Denzel Smith.

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