Woman allegedly steals BBQ grill in broad daylight


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A west Mobile man is without a BBQ grill this Memorial Day weekend – the biggest grilling weekend of the year – after it was stolen from his home.

The victim did not want to be identified or go on camera but gave FOX10 News an exclusive look at the crime video…it was all caught on tape.

The thief appeared to be expecting more than just a cookout.

“You can see they’re pulling in right here, coming from the right side,” said the victim. “They got me for about $250.”

The victim said someone was craving his grill, and it was stolen from his home in broad daylight. The thief was eating for two.

The homeowner credits his security camera system for finding out exactly when his grill was stolen…and who stole it.

“Came in here and started checking through all the security footage. Checked all through the night’s thinking: “Nobody would actually do this in the middle of the day.” But, sure enough, after about 30 minutes I found out when it happened. 12:40 in the afternoon and they’re getting themselves a free grill,” he said.

The victim said it was a selfish crime to commit, especially when he was planning on using it this weekend.

“Had a birthday party for a friend, Memorial Day weekend, was going to grill some ribs and steak,” he said.

While he was preparing for the party…

“It hit me: where’s my BBQ grill,” he said.

In the video, you can see a truck pull into the driveway. The driver, a woman, gets out and stumbles her way to the front door. She appears to be pregnant.

“Comes up the steps to the front door. Never even looks at the camera. Never sees it,” he said describing the video.

After a few unanswered knocks, the woman heads around to the back door underneath the carport.

“Again, walks up to the door, never even looks up at the cameras, never sees them,” he said.

No one responds. She signals to her male accomplice in the passenger seat. He gets out and gets in the driver’s seat. While she canvases the yard, seeing if anyone is in sight, he turns the truck around, backs up and gets ready to load up the grill. The victim said the thief labored to get it into the truck.

“He makes her do all the work. She’s gotta drag the grill over to the truck…throw it in there…at this point you can see they start rushing. It’s not going to fit…so we’ll just close the tailgate and let it ride. And they speed off…with my grill,” he said. People need to see them and know that this is the kind of stuff they do.”

The victim told FOX10 News he filed a police report for his missing grill. He said he does not expect to get the grill back, but is hoping the police find out who committed the crime.

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