MFR investigate “suspicious” fire on Webb Avenue

MOBILE, Ala. – Mobile Fire Rescue is investigating a suspicious fire on Webb Avenue.

It’s the same area fox10 news visited earlier this week, when a man was shot in a car.

We talked to people living in the neighborhood, who are hoping for an end to the violence. What’s more, police say the illegal synthetic marijuana trade might be behind all this.

Police patrols appeared to be stepped up on Webb Avenue where Fox Ten News spotted two cruisers Saturday afternoon.

A fire that badly damaged a house in the 2200 block could be the latest crime.

Firefighters tell Fox Ten News the blaze appears to be suspicious, but they won’t know until lab results come back.

“I seen the fire burning and it surprised me, because it was just me and my wife here at the time,” neighbor Frank Goode said.

Goode called 911 around 9 o’clock Friday night when he saw flames coming from the house next door.

“Were you worried that your neighbor might be in there? Yes, because I came out hollering, because it’s a blind kid stay there. Larry, and I was hollering for him to see if he was in there,” Goode said.

Goode said he’s glad there was no one at home when the fire started.

According to Mobile Police, 20 year old Hassan Johnson was shot inside his car on the street last Monday. He ended up a few miles away on Highway 90, and died later in the hospital.

Investigators believe the shooting is connected to spice. They said the drug is fueling turf battles with people competing for the illegal profits.

Police are looking for 33 year old Derrick Davis in connection with that shooting.

Goode said until recently he’d never even heard of the drug that appears to be the source of violence in his and other neighborhoods.

“All this trouble that’s been going on, and everything that’s been in the news, every since Thanksgiving of last year up until the first of the year and on up to now,” he said.

Steven Thompson just moved on the street about a week ago.

“Last week about the time we moved in there was a shooting, just up the road there, and police had it taped off when I was going to work,” Thompson said.

While police and firefighters investigate the cause of the fire, neighbors are hoping live will soon return to normal on their street.

If you have information about Friday night’s fire, Monday’s shooting, or the whereabouts of Derrick Davis… call Mobile police, at (251) 208-7000.

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