WhistleGPS for Tracking Pets

Google’s newly released version of Chrome is automatically including “OK Google”. That’s the browser’s voice triggered search feature. It works by saying “OK Google”, followed by your search request. Once it’s enabled, you’ll need to give chrome permission to use your computer’s microphone. After that, it’s as easy as going to google.com and speaking the magic words.

What would you get if you combined Instagram with your favorite music tracks? That’s exactly what a new IOS app is offering. It’s called Tunepics. Users can feature a song with every image they share. With 35 million song previews to choose from, the Apple store should have a song for every occassion. You can add filters, and share your friends Tunepics. The app has gotten celebrity endorsement from several, including Kate Bosworth and Will.i.am.

And, 10 million pets get lost every year. Now a new device called WhistleGPS helps you to always know where your best friend is. The on-collar device uses GPS, and syncs with your IOS or Android device so you can easily track your pet at any time. The collar is on pre-sale for $129 dollars, with a $5 dollar a month GPS service fee. To order one, go to whistle.com/gps.

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