Voice Activated Grill

(CNN) –Officially called the Lynx Concept Grill, the gas grill employs voice recognition technology to automatically cook foods based on user commands.  But don’t think you’re running the show. Its recipes are programmed in by the pros at the manufacturer. Your job is to tell the grill what you want cooked. The grill then fetches the optimal grilling time and technique from an online database—and tells you where on the grill to place each item. It will text you when the food is done or tell you when to flip the burgers. You can interact with the grill through voice commands or the included app.  The grill is currently a prototype; grills without the technology range from $1,700 to $7,500. The company says it expects a 20-percent premium above that higher amount with the technology included.  A lot of people are expected to fire up the grills this Memorial Day weekend, but would you be interested in the smart grill?  Leave your comments below.

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