Video shows teacher cursing at middle school students

Stock Photo.

A middle school teacher is in hot water after a student recorded her profanity laced rant in a classroom full of students, according to WND in Atlanta.

The incident began after a student apparently left a door open. “I can’t keep babysitting you. Close the door!” the teacher yells at the students.

The unidentified teacher’s tirade continues,“Stop! I ain’t f****** playing with you. You want to play? Stay home with your mama.”

The news station says the school district has launched an investigation into the video.

The district sent Channel 2 the following statement:

“Atlanta Public Schools (APS) promotes a culture of ethics to which all employees are expected to adhere. This is a personnel matter that is currently being investigated. However, APS can confirm that the teacher is not currently assigned to work directly with students.”

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