LPGA players & meteorologist track heat

FOX10 News has been tracking the heat all week and so has someone else … from the golf course. Did you know the LPGA has an on-staff meteorologist? They do, and he’s here for the Airbus LPGA Classic.

“I thought the weather was fine, I sweat even when it’s 60-degrees out so, it was perfect not too muggy, dew point below 60, kinda nice out,” said LPGA player Christina Kim.

Kim has been happy with the Gulf Coast weather and so has Meteorologist Allan Persons who tells players like Kim what to expect when they are playing. He said it’s not a bad gig.

“I’m here and I give them a quick briefing in the morning then an update in the afternoon and then I’m here observing the weather making sure nothing is going wrong and here to answer any questions they have,” said Persons.

However, not every day is quiet.

“Oh, very crazy sometimes. You’d like as a meteorologist to have an hour to give them a heads up but sometimes things pop up in a heartbeat. You know how science is, you can’t always give them advance you’d like to so it can get really crazy when you have a thunderstorm pop up,” Persons said.

Persons said his main concerns are player and fan safety. This weekend, it centers around the heat.

“So far this year the hottest place I’ve been. Palm Springs was hot but we didn’t have the moisture. It’s a dry heat. We have both heat and moisture here,” said Persons.

Persons said he’ll take it, and maybe will catch a couple swings in between the radar loops.

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