I-65 NB detour instructions

If you’re planning to get out of town for the Memorial Day weekend and want to travel north, you need to be aware of some road closures and detours.

The northbound lanes of The General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge also known as “The Dolly Patron Bridge” are shut down from exit 19 to exit 34.

So if you’re heading north here are a few options:

If you’re on I-65 northbound, you’re going to be re-routed from exist 19 to head South on Highway 43. That will take you through Satsuma, Saraland, Chickasaw and Prichard. From there, you’ll hit the Africatown-Cochrane USA Bridge which will take you to the Bayway and/or Causeway.

You can head eastbound on I-10 via the Bayway to exit 44 at Loxley. Then hit highway 59 north and that will carry up to past Bay Minette to I-65 north.

You can also drive east on the causeway into Spanish Fort on Highway 31. Continue on Hwy 31 until you hit highway 59 north in Stapleton. Take 59 north until you reach I-65 northbound.

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