Frustrated drivers gear up for major detour

A deadly crash on the northbound lanes of I-65 over the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta on Thursday has that section of the interstate closed and drivers looking for a detour.

Alabama Department of Transportation workers are re-routing drivers near the highway 43 and I-65N junction in Creola.

Many drivers didn’t know 1-65N was closed. FOX10 News caught up with a few motorist.

” Reporter: Are you confused? Driver: just a tad, this is ridiculous,” said one motorist.

A number of drivers said they were headed to Birmingham or Atlanta for the holiday weekend. One driver said she doesn’t mind taking the detour, as long as it means she can take a scenic route.

” We are just looking for somewhere to swim along the way. Since we’ve got to take the back roads… It’s adding an hour but it will be prettier,” said one motorist.

One local residents say the traffic around highway 43 and I-65N is a big headache.

” It’s caused a lot of traffic here on highway 43. As I was going to get gas this morning it was kind of rough. People were doing crazy things because they don’t know where they are at,” said Dani Raee.

ALDOT says it hopes to have one northbound lane open by Sunday at 3 p.m.

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