USA sexual assault suspect back in court

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Jawaun Dawson was back in front of a judge to hear a number of details about his alleged sexual assault against a University of South Alabama student last month.

Lt. Bill Fishel with the campus police said, according to the victim, Dawson allegedly approached her in the chemistry department parking lot while she was studying for an exam. He allegedly threatened her with what appeared to be an automatic handgun and said he would shoot her if she didn’t get into the car.

Fishel said Dawson then allegedly drove them to the parking lot near the student health center where he allegedly threatened her into performing oral sex. Fishel said they allegedly drove to Langan park where the act was repeated and the victim vomited.

Both sides are waiting for the DNA results to be returned.

“Well certainly it’s an important part for either side. Obviously we have to wait and see what those results are and then certainly they have an opportunity to, their importance will be determined in large part on what those results are. But we’re anxious to receive those results,” Zackery Moore, Dawson’s attorney said.

The victim was then allegedly taken back to the health center and Dawson allegedly dropped the car off at the chemistry parking lot. Fishel also testified that no video of the events was found on campus surveillance cameras and no one else saw it occur.

“Certainly that was something we were interested in learning today and you heard the officer’s testimony: no eye witnesses,” Moore said.

Fishel said Dawson used the victim’s stolen debit card at two places: Ultra Car Wash on Schillinger Road and a Shell Gas Station on Cody Road. Fishel said they identified Dawson’s car at both locations around the times the card was used.

Moore said he needs to see the videos before making a conclusion.

“Well at this point, we’re not entitled to discovery, so we don’t have those items. We’ll wait and see what they show once we finally get a chance to review them ourselves,” Moore said.

Dawson’s case is now bound over to a grand jury. He will be back in court on June 5, this time in reference to a home invasion that happened on April 24.

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