Teen shot, homeowner arrested

William Michael Moss
William Michael Moss

Police said a homeowner was arrested after he shot a teen who crossed into his yard while fleeing a house party being broken up by police.

On the afternoon of May 20, 2014, Baldwin County Deputies responded to County Road 11 in the Barnwell Community of Baldwin County for a complaint of a possible shooting.
Upon arrival, William Michael Moss told investigators he found a male prowling around his yard and that when he confronted the individual the suspect fled. Moss reported that he fired a “warning shot” as the subject fled on foot.

“It was not an intention to shoot him. He didn’t mean to shoot him and he didn’t shoot at him,” said Moss’ attorney, Robert Stankoski.

An hour later, deputies received a call from Thomas Hospital stating that a male was at the hospital being treated for injuries from an apparent gunshot wound.

It was later determined that this individual was the same person Moss reported being on his property.

Authorities discovered Christian Vincent Valenti was attending an open house party in the Barnwell Community of Fairhope where several underage persons were consuming alcoholic beverages. Fairhope Police responded to that party, and Valenti fled he location to avoid possible arrest. During his flight, he walked across William Moss’s property. According to officials, Moss confronted Valenti at gun point.

“Mr. Moss actually assaulted the victim, Mr. Valenti with a shotgun striking him in the face the barrel and then as Mr. Valenti was running away, he shot at him striking him at least twice putting upwards of 30 pellets into Mr. Valenti’s body,” said Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Moss fired at least two rounds from his 20 gauge shotgun, striking Valenti in the feet, legs and back. Valenti was taken to the hospital by family members where he was treated.

On May 22, 2014, Moss was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. He is being held at the Baldwin County Corrections Center.

“It’s strange to me they haven’t arrested him for trespassing on my clients property,” Stankoski said.

In response, Lowery said, “We wouldn’t just automatically arrest somebody for stepping into another lawn or something alone those lines.”

Lowery said the case will be handled by a grand jury. Moss is in the Baldwin County jail with no bond.

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