Take caution around Schillinger Road work

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Watch for some delays if you’re travelling on a major thoroughfare on the west side of Mobile County.

Work is underway on a project to widen Schillinger Road south between Cottage Hill Road and Halls Hill Creek.


Crews were out Thursday near the creek for the first phase of the work, and there are some people with homes in the construction area.

The heavy equipment is moving in on Schillinger, clearing land around a culvert to build a new bridge over Halls Mill Creek, and expand the two lane roadway to five lanes.

County officials said if you drive on Schillinger a lot, you know why the work is needed.

Assistant County Engineer Bryan Kegley said, “The traffic on Schillinger out there is getting quite intense, for not only residential development, but for commercial development.”


Roy Branning has a front seat view for the work.

His house is on Schillinger not far away from Three Mile Creek, and the road expansion will cost him some property.

Branning said, “We just got the letter in the mail. I think its six feet one way and three feet the other.”

When asked if he was bothered by giving up the land, Branning said, “No, sir. We’re just trying to live every day.”

Branning said he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Neither do county engineers.

They said there won’t be any detours, and signs will clearly explain the work that’s going on.

Branning said, “(There) will be some on-site lane closures, possibly, but, traffic will continue, will be shifting lanes within the limits of the project.”


Engineers said the project will take about two years to complete.

Branning’s reaction to that is philosophical.

When asked if getting out of his driveway was going to be a little difficult for a while, Branning said, “Yeah, we’ll just have to be paying attention, which, you have to in life anyway, you know.”

Good advice the next time you drive down Schillinger Road.

County engineers said this work is part of a larger project that will build a five lane loop from I-10 north H158, which is a connection to I-65.

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