Spanish Fort Community Center to open by end of summer

A year and a half after breaking ground, construction on the Spanish Fort Community Center is still not complete.  It’s evident with one look at the outside that city leaders were going for a look that represents the area’s Spanish heritage. What will be found under its roof represents the needs of a growing city.

The complex will unite all city services except police under one roof and will boast a seniors center and public library.

“We have a unique opportunity to develop an area, develop a downtown, develop a city complex and to have all of these things together…it’s going to add unity to the city,” said Spanish Fort Mayor, Michael McMillan.

In all, the community center takes up 35 thousand square feet.  One side of the building will house city services and administration, while the other side will have the library and seniors center. Dividing the two is an expansive auditorium which will host special events and city council meetings.

One of the most important elements to any community is a public library and Spanish Fort’s library will take up roughly 30 percent of the overall building space. Folks who live in Spanish Fort are excited to have a facility like this to call their own.

“All the citizens here would like to have that.  I mean, Daphne has it right down the road and we’re just as big as they are and I think it will help the community come together,” said Will Martin.

“We needed something like that.  It’s growing.  This place is growing like wildfire. Everybody is really excited about it,” Eddie Jones added.

Progress has been slow with the construction.  A rainy summer in 2013 and spring storms this year have cause six months in delays.  But now things are back on track and city officials are just as eager as the residents to see it completed.

“Well, it will be nice to have a little room instead of having boxes stacked everywhere which is what we’re used to at this point,” McMillan said.

If there aren’t any more serious delays the community center should open by September or October of this year. The overall cost of the project is 7.8 million dollars.  The city put almost three million down and took out a 15 year loan on the rest.

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