Facebook Gets Like Shazam

Microsoft has unveiled its latest tablet, the Surface Pro 3. It has a bigger 12-inch screen, a built-in stand, and a snap-on keyboard cover. The Surface Pro 3 weighs less than the smallest Apple Macbook Air. It’s 14-percent thinner than the Surface Pro 2, and has the thinnest product with an Intel core chip on the market. But it’s expensive! Prices start at $800.

Ebay customers are having to reset their passwords after hackers broke into the online retail site. Hackers now have possession of Ebay customer names, account passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. The company picked up the breach two weeks ago, after discovering some employee credentials were stolen. Apparently, the information theft happened two months ago. Paypal, was untouched by the data breach. The company says it has not spotted any increase in fraudulent activity on Ebay yet.

And, Facebook will be rolling out a new audio recognition feature to IOS and Android devices in the coming weeks. The feature uses your phone’s microphone to recognize music, movies and TV shows in the background. It can then post and tag the music and shows in your news feed. Your friends will be able to listen to a 30-second preview of the songs you tagged, or see a link to a TV show’s page. Users have to opt in for the feature to work. It’s much like Shazam.

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