30 Teams in 30 Days: Foley Lions

Foley football has been on the upswing since 2004. After a 0-10 season, the Lions have made the playoffs for 9 straight years. Last season, Foley lost in round three to Auburn, the eventual 6A State runner-up – that loss has motivated the team in 2014.

“We were down by six and go down and score and tie the game, go to kick the extra point, miss the extra point, they gain momentum, kick a field goal and beat us by three. But it lets our guys know how close we were to having an opportunity to go play for a state championship and I think that just fuels everybody, our kids, coaches, that we have the opportunity and capability. Now we need to put that extra into it to reach those goals,” said head coach, Todd Watson.

“We are very hungry, we are lingering on that a little bit and we push every day in the weight room, film room, to get back to that position,” said linebacker Jalen Henry.

“The past couple years the second round is as far as we’ve gone but going past the second round is something definitely we want to get to before we leave,” said quarterback Tyler Cameron.

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