What are the dangers of drunk driving?

FILE- One of the Mobile Police department's vehicles.

We are coming up on the holiday weekend, and a lot of people will be out at picnics, cookouts, and there may be some drinking. Attorney David Greene is here with us today and warn people against driving after drinking.

We all know driving while drunk is dangerous, David put this problem in perspective for us.

Drunk driving accounts for approximately one-third of all traffic related fatalities. So it’s a very big problem. Here in the south, many times drinking is such a big part of the culture, but we don’t have in place the transportation infrastructure to make alternatives to driving to the bar or picnic or to home. And really often times we don’t put enough pressure on our family and friends not to drive while intoxicated.

That’s why it’s so important to designate a driver.

Well that’s right. Pick someone in your group that agrees not to drink any alcohol all night, and let them take you home. If you can’t find a designated driver, call a cab or a limo service. It’s just too dangerous.

Now if someone has been hit by a drunk driver what can the victim do?

Well if you’ve been injured by a vehicle that was being driven by a driver who has been drinking there are several steps you want to take to make sure you take. Of course you need to make sure you call the police. The police will need to give the driver a breathalyzer test and officially raise DUI charges. Second make sure to talk to a lawyer that handles auto accident cases involving DUI.

Injury cases involving drunk drivers can be more complicated than other types of cases. Many times the establishment that the driver was drinking at can be held responsible for serving someone who was visibly intoxicated. Often Closed Circuit video can be recovered.

What are some examples of DUI related cases Greene & Phillips has handled?

We’ve got a client now that was run over while riding his bike downtown, We had a mother in mississippi that was on her way back from work who was run into by a truck driver trying to dangerously pass traffic. We’ve represented a family who lost several members of their family because a drunk driver ran off the side of the road into a house while the family was sleeping.

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