Mayor backing away from Hardee’s project

MALBIS, Ala. (WALA) – Mayor Dane Haygood of Daphne is looking to back away from his plans to build a Hardee’s in Historic Malbis.

This, after Haygood’s plans to build the Hardee’s with his privately-owned company, Redsouth LLC., fell under harsh backlash by several residents living in the community.

Haygood said he had no idea his private business venture to build the Hardee’s would be met with so much backlash.

“We’ve had some other projects we haven’t pursued in the city of Daphne, we didn’t expect this to be a controversial one, but I guess you never know until you get there,” said Haygood.

More than a month after a heated city council meeting brought the controversy to light, the mayor said he is backing off, despite the significant investments he’s already made for the Hardee’s.

“The quick-service restaurant project we had proposed drew the ire of a number of residents, and we heard those concerns, and diligently pursued other options to make sure we didn’t impose something on residents who weren’t in favor of that type of establishment,” said Haygood.

Residents were opposed to the Hardee’s for a number of reasons, including noise, traffic, and the provocative brand of Hardee’s itself.

“We’ve been fighting this for weeks, months, and we like our neighborhood quiet and peaceful, and keep the businesses to a minimal,” said David Gagliano, a Historic Malbis resident, “What we have now is already bad enough, and knowing this (Hardee’s) would come would really put it over the top.”

Mayor Haygood said there are still some negotiations to be made, and a small strip mall with a few local shops will likely be built there instead, but Redsouth LLC will not be involved with that development.

However, Mayor Haygood’s real estate company, H-Properties, could be looking in to some leasing options on that land, something that was approved in 2011, before Haygood was mayor.


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