Airbus CEO: first delivery in less than two years

The chairman of Airbus tells Fox Ten News the company hopes to deliver the first plane built here in Mobile in less than two years.

Allan McArtor was in Mobile Wednesday and talked about the effects from that recent heavy rain.

Airbus officials also offered school children a close up look at what’s been built so far.


The weather recently has caused headaches for construction crews building the Final Assembly Line and doing other work.

Airbus Chairman and Chief Executive Office Allan McArtor said, “Thanks for that 20 inch rain in two days you laid on us a couple of weeks ago, but, we got that figured out and the project is on schedule, its on budget.”


From the outside, the Final Assembly Line looks almost finished.

But, the management company said the inside of the building still needs work.

James Adams with Hoar Program Management said, “We’re looking at Airbus starting some limited operations in third quarter of 2015 inside that facility, with the majority of the facility finishing up in the first quarter of 2016.”

Then, it will be time to, in McArtor’s words, “start building airplanes, and deliver it, the first one, in April of 2016.”


Some of the next buildings will go up at the same time, like two hangars.

And, in this area will be the delivery center, like a show room at a car dealer.

Adams said, “This is actually when a customer takes possesion of an aircraft. This is the facility that that customer will come to. Airplanes will park out here in front of it.”


But, work on the power house that supplies utilities to the facility is finishing up.

Wednesday, third graders from Gilliard Elementary looked at the powerhouse and learned a few lessons about the company.

When asked what was going to go on at the Airbus site, one student said, “They’re going to build airplanes and put them in the three spaces we learned about today.”

Another said, “They’re already working on three different stations, and they said its probably going to be a year until they’re finished with all of them.

And when asked what was his favorite part of the trip, still another student said, “I get to see jets, airplanes, and we get to get ice cream.”

So, the students learned there is break time on a construction site, too.

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