Witness: Suspect sold spice in Baldwin County before it was illegal

Tamer Foqahaa
Tamer Foqahaa

Mobile, Ala. (WALA) New details were released in court about a drug trafficking suspect accused of stashing more than a million dollars worth of spice in two west Mobile storage units.

Tamer Foqahaa was granted $500,000 cash or corporate surety bond on his second drug trafficking charge. Foqahaa’s total bond for two trafficking charges totals $1.5 million.

The suspect’s attorney, Johnny Brutkiewicz, asked the judge for a reasonable bond and to allow his client to wear an ankle bracelet. He was not pleased with Judge Bob Sherling’s decision.

“I don’t think the bond he set is reasonable,” said Brutkiewicz.

The defense tried to get a lower bond by asking witnesses to testify about Foqahaa’s character.

“Those people that testified said he was reliable, that he would give you the shirt of his back and that he always did what he said he was going to do and they think he would come to court,” said Brutkiewicz.

During one witnesss testimony,a former co-worker, revealed this is not the first time Foqahaa has been linked to spice.

“One witness testified that when she was employed by him, when he owned a convenience store in Baldwin County, and spice was legal, they sold spice and if was very profitable,” said Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich.

FOX10 News asked Rich if police are linking the alleged spice stash to the suspect’s former gas station. We also asked how Foqahaa was allegedly distrubiting the now illegal drug. Rich declined to comment and said it is an ongoing investigation.

Detectives say the storage units were in Foqahaa’s name, he had the keys and he is on camera going in and out of the unit.

More details will be revealed about this case during the preliminary hearing May 28th.

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