Understanding Spice

You’ve heard a lot of stories about spice on the news lately, and Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran is going to break everything down for you. Although spice may seem new to us because we’re hearing so much about it, Sheriff Cochran tells Cherish Lombard it’s been around for years. He says spice looks similar to marijuana, and people who smoke it may experience symptoms similar to those that come from marijuana. Spice is dried, shredded plant material along with man made chemicals that cause mind-altering effects. It’s known to be sold in small packets with animated characters on them. He says the spice puts off a distinct smell different than cigarettes when it’s smoked. Spice is illegal in the state of Alabama. 

Sheriff Cochran says if you suspect your child is smoking spice, you can call the Drug Education Council in Mobile at (251) 478-7855. If you suspect someone you don’t know is smoking spice, you can call the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at 251-574-8633.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office
510 South Royal St
Mobile, AL 36603


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