Playing it Safe with Golf Carts and ATV’s

Golf Carts and 4-Wheelers are getting more and more popular, but they can be quite dangerous too. David Greene joined us on Studio10 with some safety ideas to make sure no one gets hurt while having fun. 

Below is a look at some of the questions and issues discussed on Studio10:

Why should you have insurance on a golf cart or ATV?

In most cases your homeowners policy does not cover your Golf Cart or ATV. That can be a big problem if you get hurt from a golf cart accident. If you do have a golf cart or ATV, contact your insurance agent to inquire about getting a policy for each off-road vehicle you have. It’s often very inexpensive, but can save you big-time if an accident occurs.

A lot of people allow their children to play on the golf cart, that can be dangerous, but what are some of the safety implications from allowing that?

If a child is driving that four-wheeler and goes and does something stupid like flipping it, the owner of the vehicle can often be responsible for allowing that child the use of it. Many of these vehicles are large and heavy enough to make it very easy to do something that may hurt the driver or passenger.

Tell us about some safety features you may want to add to your golf cart?

Golf carts can roll over very easily, but there are safety features you can add to your golf cart. One such device can help protect your leg from getting crushed if you try to put your leg out to steady the vehicle as it’s tipping.

Why should you train your child before letting them have access to the golf cart or ATV?

You wouldn’t allow a child to drive a car without proper training and a license, so why would you let them drive a golf cart or ATV? Make sure they know the proper speed to go and not to snap the steering wheel. These vehicles can be a lot of fun, but they can also be very dangerous. Really consider the dangers before allowing a child or teenager the use of the vehicle.

One safety feature people may forget about are headlights. Why are lights important?

If you are driving the vehicle around the neighborhood, lights help make the golf cart more visible to other vehicles in the area. It’s a good idea to make sure your lights are on even in the day time.

So if someone is injured on a golf cart, does the Homeowners insurance cover the injury?

Often not, so if you allow a neighbor or a friend to use your ATV or golf cart, and they hurt themselves or someone else, you could be responsible for paying for their injuries.

If someone is injured while driving an ATV should they contact a lawyer?

It is worth talking to a lawyer. We, at Greene & Phillips, never charge for a consultation, so it’s worth coming in and talking with us. Golf cart injuries can be really tricky in dealing with insurance companies and having a lawyer that has handled this type of case makes a big difference.

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