MPD: String of deadly shootings related to spice

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The packaging on spice synthetic poison makes it look appealing and harmless but it’s anything but that. The buying and selling of the leafy green poison is the reason law enforcement says they’re seeing an increase in violence in our community.

“We’ve seen an increase in violence in the streets as it relates to the selling of spice on the street corners. It seems to be either turf battles or violence with the sales of spice,” said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

Monday, May 19 Mobile police were canvassing Webb Avenue after 20-year old Hassan Johnson was killed. His car was found at Government and Satchel Paige Drive.

“We found our male victim suffering from gunshot wounds inside of a car that actually had bullet holes in it,” Ashley Rains said with the Mobile Police Department.

Mobile police believe that shooting is spice is related and they also say the two shootings on Next Street last week, at the same house, are connected to the drug. Clifford Lee West and George Williams were the victims in those crimes.

Sheriff Cochran says he’s seeing the same violent trend in the county. “We believe it’s more over the competitiveness for the money behind the spice that’s being sold on the street corners that there’s turf battles going on and competing for those illegal dollars and as a result there’s been a number of shootings related to sale of spice,” Cochran said.

Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council said the war on drugs has a lot to do with money.

“The bad guys are making a tremendous amount of money on this poison and a lot of it they’ve traced back to some terrorist organizations and I really believe narco-terrorism is a terrorist attack on our young people with this serious chemical,” Guy said.

She hopes educating the public about the problem with help get the drug off the street.

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