Mobile Native: Power Player in DC

A graduate of Theodore High School and Spring Hill College is one of the newest power players in Washington, D.C.

Jo Ann Jenkins will become the new Chief Executive Officer of AARP on September 1, 2014.

During an interview with FOX10 News anchor Bob Grip, Jenkins talked about the flexible definition of retirement, the increasing role of healthcare and the changing demographics in America, as the percentage of the population 65 and older continues to grow. Jenkins said, “Not only do many people have to work after they are older than 62, but a lot of us still want to work past that age period.  A person born today is likely to live in good health until their 80s or 90s…..I think the opportunity for us at AARP is to help our members stay engaged, stay abreast of the technologies and the different kind of the work environments that are coming into the workforce now”.

Take a look at the numbers from 1950 through the UN’s projected numbers 2050, those aged 65 or older are highlighted for each slide decade.

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