MCSO introduces “Spice Text”

A simple text message to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office can help lock up the bad guys who are buying and selling spice synthetic poison.

In the last month or two Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran said our community has been inundated with spice synthetic poison problems. Experts with the drug education council said the drug is incredibly dangerous.

“Sometimes the first time people use it they have a horrible experience. It really reminds me a lot of LSD from the 60s it’s a drug that causes a severe psychotic reaction in some people,” said Virginia Guy.

Tuesday, May 20 The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office kicked off a program called “spice text”. It gives people a chance to let investigators know when someone is illegally using, selling or manufacturing spice synthetic poison. All you have to do is text “spice” to 839-863.

“It comes to us it’s an automated response and then it immediately goes out to one of our investigators,” said Sheriff Cochran.

The sheriff said you won’t be asked to identify yourself when you send the text.

“We guarantee anonymity and confidentiality so anyone who sends us that information would never be called as a witness would never be subpoenaed and would never be identified,” Sheriff Cochran said.

He hopes the initiative similer to “METH” and “THUG” text will help get the drug off the streets.

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