Fire Chief speaks on fire truck use investigation

MOBILE, Ala. – Bryan D’angelo insists he did nothing wrong in relation to a campaign sponsored Family Fun Day this weekend. D’Angelo sent Fox Ten News a copy of the email he submitted to Mobile Fire Rescue requesting the fire trucks. He said the email shows he was upfront and clear about who was making the request and why.

Pictures taken by a Fox Ten News viewer show fire trucks at a Family Fun day event sponsored by District Court Judge candidate Bryan D’Angelo, who is also a Mobile firefighter.

Interim Fire Chief Randy Smith said Tuesday he was called about incident Sunday afternoon.

“Immediately contacted the on duty district chief and advised them to pull the units which they had already left the scene,,,It’s definitely inappropriate for us to attend any type of political event with city apparatus,,,” Smith said.

Chief Smith is now investigating to determine how the department will deal with the violation, and whether disciplinary action will be taken.

“We’ll look into it, and see what led up to the issue, and then we’ll have to make appropriate decisions at that time,” he said.

“There was no hiding of anything, or no disguising of anything everything was up front and i want to make sure that that was made public,” D’Angelo said.

D’Angelo gave us a copy of the email he sent to request the fire trucks. He said he was very clear about who was making the request and why.

“I started the email off saying, “My campaign is hosting a Family Fun Day”. That’s the very first words of the email, and it’s signed my me with our campaign signature on there, “Committee to Elect Bryan D’Angelo”, so everything was very up front,” he explained.

That email was sent to Deputy Chief Mark Hansberry. The Mobile Fire Rescue website states Hansberry is responsible for emergency services, “as well as developing programs to allow for emergency response units to interface with the community they serve.”

The public information officer for Mobile Fire Rescue confirmed that the request was approved by Hansberry.

When Fox Ten News reporter Renee Dials talked with the interim chief he did not mention any employee names, but he did he did indicate he was looking into why the email had been approved.

Fox Ten News also wanted to know how fire emergencies are handled when the trucks and equipment are not at their assigned stations.

We were told by Interim Chief Smith, and Huffman that it is not uncommon for fire trucks to be sent to non political events.

The interim chief said Tuesday requests come in weekly.

Fox Ten News asked Huffman how calls are handled when there’s an actual fire.

“They won’t be at the station, but the truck and the crew goes to the event which is in their response area, and they’ll respond from that location. it would be no different if they went down to the grocery store. They’ll still respond in their area,” Huffman said.

As far as response time Huffman said the units are expected to be on route to a location within a minute and a half, to two minutes, whether they’re at the station, or an event.

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