MPD: Shooting leaves one dead

one shot2 MPD: Shooting leaves one dead Mobile Police say 20-year-old Hassan Johnson was shot and killed Monday, May 19 in broad daylight.

Investigators said the shooting happened on Webb Avenue and online records show that’s near Johnson’s home. Shortly after the shooting, detectives were canvassing the neighborhood but that’s not where they found Johnson.

Police were called to Government and Satchel Paige drive where they found Johnson in the car. They believe Johnson was on his way to the hospital.

Johnson’s father, Dwaye McCriee was on scene right after police arrived.

“They wanted to talk to me about my son acting erratically so they’re doing their job. I hope they found out who did this. He (was a) good kid,” McCriee said.

McCriee said two people were in the car with his son. He said he had spoken with Johnson earlier in the day.

“Said he was at the movies. That’s all I know. I don’t know too much,” McCriee said.

Johnson’s sister was also on scene but didn’t want to talk. His father said he’s having a difficult time right now.

Police said the suspect is still on the loose and is armed. If you know anything, call Mobile Police.

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