Hangout Fest cleanup begins

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) – Gulf Shores city officials have said the public beach should be back to normal by Thursday following cleanup from the Hangout Festival.

Cleanup actually started Sunday night and moved into high gear Monday morning.


Just after dawn Monday, trucks start moving big barricades off of streets, work crews dismantled the ferris wheel piece by piece, and police kept a watchful eye on traffic flow.

Blake Phelps with the City of Gulf Shores said, “The first priority is really getting the roadways back open, allow that flow of traffic, get people that have come to town back out of town.”

Priscilla Punch was one of those leaving town.

She came from Lafayette, Louisiana.

When asked what she thought of the Hangout Fest, she said, “It was pretty fun.”


Gulf Shores city officials hope all the visitors to town felt that way.

Phelps said, “The preliminary numbers that we got in were well over 90 percent occupancy rate for all the condos and hotels in the area. You have to figure that’s going to trickle into the businesses, restaurants, gas stations.”

But, not all the visitors to Gulf Shores came for the Hangout Fest.

Barbara Hill and her family travelled from Arab, Alabama for a two day beach trip, and she said they didn’t even know about Hangout Fest.

Hill said, “We didn’t get to see anything of it. We’re missing out.”

But, there’s always next year.

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